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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pacific Rim- "Rampage" the video game meets Robotech meets Independance Day

I just took the family to see Pacific Rim, and I want to take a few moments to urge everyone who's been on the fence to go ahead and see this movie in the theaters.

The way things are going, it may turn out to be a box office flop, which this movie definitely doesn't deserve.  Why?  Well, it may have something to do with the marketing strategy.  I'd seen the trailer a few times, but had not planned on seeing this movie in the theaters until Ben Avery (Strangers and Aliens , and Welcome to Level Seven podcasts) posted a few comments on FB giving the movie praise.

I had also failed to notice (probably my own fault) that this was a Guillermo Del Toro movie.  That alone would have sold me on seeing it in the theater.

What you see in the trailer is pretty much over during the prologue- that's the way I felt anyway.  We are dropped right into the action of this story and it's a pretty wild ride right from the get go.  As the title says, just imagine a mash-up of Rampage (that classic game with the Gorilla and Lizard that smash up buildings), Robotech, and the Will Smith movie Independence Day.  That might sound like a crazy combination, but it all works somehow.  The storytelling is very good, character-building is on the level, and the action is all paced very well.

Pacific Rim succeeds where Man of Steel fails- it reminds us that a movie can be action packed from start to finish without making us want to shoot ourselves to escape the madness.

It also succeeds where Star Trek Into Darkness fails, it gives us a lot of nostalgic value without being blatant or cheesy.  It is what it is- a fun, action packed adventure for all fans of the genre!

With all the regurgitated junk that Hollywood throws at us these days, it is your duty to go and support this kind of movie, you won't regret it!

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