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Sunday, January 19, 2014

My To-Do List

This week I wanted to lay down a few thoughts about productivity.  Like everyone, it often seems that I have way too much to do, and not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  I've tried all kinds of tricks through the years to try to give myself a boost as far as personal productivity, yet I find myself always coming back to the same place- lists.

To-do lists are about as primitive a tool as you can use, but I've never found anything that works as effectively for me when it comes to getting things done.  Currently, I use a program called Wunderlist, which isn't perfect for my needs, but it's pretty close.  It's a simple list making program that allows me to check off completed items, and allows for due dates and repeating tasks.

I've also used a simple yellow legal pad, and crossed things off as I got them done.  When the list gets too messy, I transfer the remaining items to a new list and start over.

Whether you're a writer, podcaster, artist, student, or hobby enthusiast, if you want to succeed in your business and personal life, getting things done in a timely manner is essential.  I think the key is to find whatever works best for you, but if you've never given simple to-do lists a try, I recommend that you do so.  You might be surprised at how much you start getting done.

What kind of productivity tools do you use?  Is there something particularly effective that helps you get things done?  If so, then comment below.  I'd love to hear some new ideas!

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